AU Meme: Harry talks about your daughter a lot during his shows.

    Please request I’m running out of ideas


    Requested AU: Niall & Harry are your best friends but after a drunk hookup, Harry starts to have feelings for you

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    AU: You go on tour with 1D and vlog the boy’s antics backstage. 

    Part 2


    AU: Harry wanting to raise a family with you.

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    Remember this cute little synchronized dance they did


    Au meme: You are Harry’s girlfriend and you went on tour with him. The boys are really protective over you.

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    Requested AU: You’re best friends with Harry and he starts to have feelings for you.

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    Au meme: You are a vlogger and one of your favorites things is  film your boyfriend Harry.

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    au meme: Summer with Harry.
    Hot summer nights, mid July
    When you and I were forever wild….
    Hot summer days, rock ‘n’ roll
    The way you play for me at your show,
    And all the ways I got to know
    Your pretty face and electric soul.


    AU: Harry isn’t over your breakup


    Au meme: You and Harry have a big family.

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    Niall’s one

    Zayn’s one

    Louis one

    Liam’s one

    AU Meme; Harry Styles as Magic Mike

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    AU: Harry talking about your weird encounter with the paparazzi

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    where’s zayn? better question; who is zayn?